Redefining Happy Mum
& Baby Essentials

Because every parent deserves to give their kids the best!

By sourcing directly from the world's best manufacturers, we're able to use better natural ingredients and top quality materials while you enjoy better prices.

At Hoppi, we want to make sure your babies grow up safe and healthy, one product at a time.

Our Story

As parents, we know there is nothing more than wanting to see our babies grow up happy and healthy. In 2021, our first son was born and with parenthood being so new to us, we really didn’t know what to expect. When our son developed severe eczema, we consulted many doctors but couldn’t find a solution.

While staying in a rural area for a month, a miracle happened: his skin cleared up for the first time! It was here, away from processed foods, air pollution, and toxins of the city, that we realised the importance of quality living - not only for our baby, but for ALL babies.

As entrepreneurs, we knew we had to take things into our own hands. To redefine happy mums and baby essentials, we’re on a hunt for better quality materials, better safety; at better prices.

Our Promise

We scoured the world for the best manufacturers who could bring our vision of thoughtfully made baby products to life. By working closely with our factory partners, we managed to cut out the middlemen costs. We also adopted a different kind of retail model that eliminates markup; which ultimately means you are paying 50-80% less for the exact same quality.

2/3 of our team is made up of mothers, which is why we’re extra picky about the products we sell. If we don’t trust them with our babies, why would you trust them for yours? Every product is rigorously tested with your baby's safety as a top priority.

Our Mission

Redefining Mums
& Babies Essentials

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Premium Materials
  • Affordable Price

Our Vission