Milkaid Lactase Enzyme Drops 15ml


Product Description

Milkaid® Drops contain lactase enzyme, a safe natural enzyme that is usually found in the digestive system. It works by breaking down the complex milk sugar lactose, into two more easily digestible sugars – glucose and galactose. You can now enjoy milk and dairy foods again, without upset.


1. Add to milk to break down lactose into more easily digestible sugars - glucose and galatose
2. Once treated, the milk can be used for cooking, on cereals or in beverages.



Liquid Lactase Enzyme. Allergens in bold.

  1. How to use Colief Baby Scalp Oil?

    Simply add three drops of Milkaid® lactase enzyme to a pint of milk, gently shake, refrigerate for 24 hours and it is ready to use in cooking, beverages and cereals, hot or cold. Three drops will reduce the lactose by 70% which suits the large majority of people. We suggest you start by using six drops, giving 90% reduction and reduce each ‘mix’ until you find a level which suits you. We recommend that younger children start with 10 drops per pint giving 100% reduction – again reducing by one drop at a time.